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We want this Feedback feature too!

We want this Feedback feature too!

I thought it is very easy to give a feedback like this and we want the exact same thing to collect feedback easily from our readers!
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @FCIM. We have a poll block that is available for Email Plus customers that some have used as a way to collect feedback. Is this close to what you were looking for or something more open ended? 


Thanks for your respond @caitlin_m !


We would love to have a page where we can ask for the tips and ideas for the improvement, not only the polls!


Great! If you want to provide options and have others "vote" on them, a poll block would be useful to include in your emails. However, if you were looking for open-ended answers, creating a survey with these types of questions would allow your readers to provide their feedback and you can download their responses.