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Attempted to use this new feature and kept having a bunch of blue dots flashing on and off while the screen intermittently said LOADING but the program never managed to load
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Hi @ScottB75,

Thank you for your feedback, and I do apologize about this experience. At what point within the Builder process did you experience this connectivity issue? 

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Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! If you would like to continue the conversation, please feel free to reply here in the Community or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.


I have this exact same problem! I have tried different browsers and tried to load it within the office network and again at home... all with the same results. 


HI @JulieS1. What browser are you using to access your website? 


I've tried Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox... all with the same results. I've even tried within the office network and outside of it, in case it was a firewall issue.  I spoke to an agent on chat this morning and he said it's a known bug they are working on and they will notify me when it's resolved. I've been trying for months. 


Thank you @JulieS1. The loading could be caused by a setting. If you do the steps outlined in this article, does this then allow you to access the Builder? You may need to reload Constant Contact in order for the settings to take effect. 

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