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Working with Constant Contact and Program

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Working with Constant Contact and Program

A pop-up just asked me to evaluate the program, which I did, but then there was no tab or icon to click on to "send" it, so I had to cancel it. That was frustrating. There seem to be a number of glitches in the program. Working with the template, it periodically shuts down, though fortunately I don't lose much. Also in typing, sometimes text disappears or copy and paste doesn't work. I'm continually having to reset the font size. It just seems there glitches that make working with it less than smooth. That's why I can't rate it higher. Otherwise I like the template and the program.
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CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @LeeB3,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I'm interested in hearing more about what is happening. When you say it "it periodically shuts down", are you getting the messaging that reads are you still there? When you say it "shuts down" are you getting logged out of your account or are you just brought back to a different page in the account?

When you say text disappears is your text changing to a white color, or is it actually deleted?