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Worst Service Ever Povided

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I just want to let you know that I received the WORST support I have experienced. 


It was our fifth time contacting constant contact for support, the call took more than 45 minutes, the information provided was incorrect and the issue not resolved. 


Worse the agent was rude, cut me off when i speaking, lectured me and clearly did not care about resolving my issue. 


You have lost several clients today and I would highly recommend you review the call, I would never want a representative like that speaking with my customers. 


Robby Sorensen



Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hello @NancyW41326. I'm so sorry for the experience that you had with our Support team. I have sent over feedback to the appropriate people and this call will be reviewed. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.  

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Have you ever saw Craigs Lists on-line system? No images, all text, no photos, pictures, buy this, buy that, none of this crap. The entire site is TEXT ONLY, and it's worth is over $1 Billion dollars. You can learn a big lesson from this. Your site is so confusing, so un appealing, so cumbersome, so much going on, you have an identity crises, Be good at one thing, instead of trying to do it all and ramming crap down our throat. You seem like a fish out of water in PANIC mode. WIX, Go Daddy, Four Square, Net Atlantic, they all offer this service for free. Hell it only takes 20 min for an imbecile  to set up an e-mail server, what are you people doing? This service has declined since I left NET ATLANTIC 10 years ago. I think I will go back to them....  My opinion means nothing compared to your panic and greed about your company in the marketplace. Shame on you for complicating such a simple task of entering contacts into a database. I want to enter in e-mail contacts without being molested about all your new services that you offer. Your dashboard is the buggiest I ever encountered. Once kicked out you cannot navigate back. I've tried 5 browsers, so don't go blaming my bad experience on un compatible  browsers. Stop trying to do things that others are making money at like website builders. You could never ever compete with WIX, or the others, this is what I mean by identity crises, you don't know what it is you want to be. You use to, but now the fear of others occupying your space has no doubt got you in a panic, and you fell for it. GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS (e-mails). You're a day late and a dollar short on the website thing. You should have done this the day that WIX launched and knocked go daddy right off of their high horse. Your service is terrible. Your editor is the worst.




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