Wow! Now they are censoring the feedback posts...

Someone finally posted honestly about how to handle the many many bugs on Constant Contact yesterday... they deleted the post.  SERIOUSLY!  WOW! 


Apparently it is easier to CENSOR your customers than acknowledge the issues.


This will probably get censored too...For shame!



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You're right!  Deleted!  Censorship at its best.  If only the bugs were addressed that quickly.


Today I typed an entire sentence before the editor showed anything on the screen.  The Lag is LAME!

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Here's a good new bug!


On some screens the PageUp button has the same effect as Clicking!!!!  How is that even possible?

Status changed to: Closed - Does Not Meet Idea Requirements

@user59424  and @user513211  - These posts were removed as they violate our Community Guidelines and our Idea Guidelines.


The Feedback area is focused on improving our product through constructive feedback and conversation. We do not allow for posts discussing or requesting refunds or encouraging others to do the same. When posting in our Community, you agree to follow these guidelines and if they are not followed, we will either edit or remove the post.


We acknowledge you have had trouble pasting or entering text into your campaigns and have contacted our support teams in the past. We would be happy to connect you with a member of our advanced support team. If you wish to do this, please email us at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the following information:


- Your username

- Browsers you have experienced the lagging in

- Troubleshooting you have done including incognito/private browsers or using different browsers

- Results of a speed test such as those offered by

- Campaigns this occurs in and if it occurs when creating a brand new campaign (not a copy)

- Your contact information, including phone numbers


Receiving this information beforehand and anything else related to it allows us to assist you faster.

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