Your Salespeople are pushy/rude and losing you business!

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I'm sure that you are probably already aware of this based on the feedback that i've been hearing and also what i have been reading even on this forum...your salespeople are losing you business. They are pushy, rude, and are not projecting Constant Contact is a very good light. Not only will I not sign up with Constant Contact but I would never recommend them to anyone. I will be taking my 15,000 e-mail contacts to another company. Just wanted you to be aware of why you are getting such a bad name in this industry.
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I signed up for a trial period of 60 days and was cut short by almost 35 days. I received a call from "Josh" at constant contact who was rude during our conversation. He advised me to break up my lists and send out various e-mail campaigns during my trial period and that is what i was in the process of doing when my trial period was cut off. At this point i feel Constant Contact is rude, they don't care about me as a customer, and i will be taking my 15,000 contacts to another client. I would also not recommend them to any of my colleges or associates.
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Hi @MonicaS366

I am sorry to hear of your experience, this is certainly not how we would like you to feel! I see your trial is now expired, are you still interested in testing it out? What feedback can I pass along for you?


Just a note, I did pass along your comments to management as well so they can review the situation. 


Thanks for posting!

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