Your addition of a welcome email to our account

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Your addition of a welcome email to our account

I am disturbed that you added and activated an automated email to go to our clients without our knowledge or permission. We send welcome emails from our website when a client signs up. An additional one would be detrimental. Anything that goes to our clients should be created and authorized by us. I don't believe that the use of your service gives you the permission to create or send anything to the contacts held in our account.
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Thank you for the feedback @MargaretJ70,


I agree with you-- this was definitely a bad customer experience and an oversight on our part.  I'm very sorry if this had any negative effect on your business.  I will be sharing your feedback with our product team to make sure we are more careful in the future when adding new features to customer accounts.


If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.



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Hi, Patrick I'm chiming in because I agree and think your response is insufficient and non-responsive. We had a welcome message and you changed it to a generic one without telling us. I only discovered it by accident.


THIS IS NOT A FUTURE ISSUE! You should not have done this without notification, but since it's done, you need to actively notify all users NOW that you have done this. It's not only about future changes, it's about this change that has already been made, too.


Thank you,


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