Your site sucks

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Go to and check out how thorough they are with all the details. You're site is terrible, your "How to videos are even terrible, you're entire tutorials are not so good. Everything is so complicated! If I had another choice, I would cancel. Look at my account. I haven't used your service because I can't figure it out. I use MAC, so maybe that is the problem. I couldn't even figure out how to move my .csv , contact list,to your site.
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HI @ShaneD82

I am sorry to hear of your frustration with getting started. Can you help with some details?


- What action are you trying to take? You mentioned uploading a contacts list--can you try clicking the contacts tab and then the Add Contacts button?


The only difference on a mac should be the saving of your contacts file and shortcuts you might use on your computer but the system should work the same otherwise!

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