ability to reschedule campaigns with individual sends

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It would be extremely helpful if there was an option to send a formatted email to a single contact. It also would help if you were able to schedule a campaign more than one time. For example, We would like to send out appointment confirmation emails to individuals. Right now i have to add a contact to a special email list (and delete them when i'm done) then put their appointment in the job title line and i have that formatted in the email to show up in the right spot. Then i have to make a copy of the confirmation email and schedule it. It's quite the work around but at least it delivers a beautiful email...on the other hand, however, it would be very nice if there was more capability for individual and reusable campaigns. If there is a way that I am not aware of, please let me know! I can't be the only one that wants to send out individual emails right??!!
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Thanks for posting, there is something that might work in this situation. First, you would need to update your contact list with the appointment information in a custom field. You could create the email with the custom field inserted so you would be able to send the email to yourself, and then use the resend feature to send to the one contact you want to send to. The email would use the custom field to pull in the specific information inserted in that contacts profile. This process would work for 85 dates after the original send and then you would need to copy the email to do this again. 

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