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why isn't the reply to email actually to a so that our email is not overwhelmed with auto replies?

My original email provider did this.

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Hello @CathyC156,

I'm interested in learning more about this idea. When you say that you want your reply to to go to are you saying that you do not want your replies to go to one of your inboxes? Currently you have the ability to set a different reply to address than the from address but it would have to be an email client you have access to. WOuld you rather have your replies filter into the Constant COntact account somehow?

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I would prefer that the emails be filtered in the Constant Contact account. 98% of the replies are auto replies about being out of the office or their email has changed.


The other company that provided me service had the following.

The broadcast email would have the following information when it was received by a recipient.

From: LMAAuctions <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 7:59 AM
To: Recipient Name <>
Subject: LMAAuctions Calendar - February 13 & 14


If a recipient hit the reply button to the email, then the email was sent to and I was able to receive the email. It would from say: 

From: Recipient Name for LMAAuctions owners <> 

Subject: RE: LMAAuctions Calendar - February 13 & 14



I am unsure exactly how they were able to do this but it worked really well.

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Awesome idea! I want to open this idea up for voting so other users on our  community can vote and comment on this idea as well! 

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Sounds good to me.


I'm curious if there has been any resolution on this, as I just sent my first Constant Contact email and am getting flooded with the auto-replies for "out of the office", etc. 

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