auto save??? not.

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Why do I get a message that says, "we logged you out but don't worry, we saved your work..." when my work is not being saved??? I used to get logged out while composing campaigns before the recent interface update, but at least I wouldn't get that message, which adds insult to my lost time. I work using the Advanced Editor, and I know I should save more frequently. I don't think about it when I'm actively trying to compose something. Often, the message pops up asking me if I'm still working, saying I have some number of minutes left, I reply Yes, I'm still working - and I've already been logged out. My bad for not saving more often, but it's irritating being told my work is being saved when it is not!
Constant Contact needs to have a flash screen to warn you to save your work before going something else on your browser. When I create a product on CC, I often have to go to different sources to obtain information. Although I save each article as I'm preparing the email newsletter, I often lose all of my work because I back click "go back" on my browser and have failed to save the entire article.
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This idea hasn't had any votes in the last 12 months so it is being closed. If you would still like to see an autosave feature implemented with our newest editor please create a new post! 

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