your advertising banners at the top of my screen are annoying and get in the way of the buttons I need to use. how do I get rid of them. I pay a monthly fee and should not have to see them all the time.

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Can you stop advertising the webinars when I go to sign in? Maybe you could place that invitation somewhere else that isn't so invasive. I like to get to what I want immediately and don't like having to close windows I haven't selected to open. Thanks.

I find the added "banner" promoting the different types of broadcast-mobile or desktop-to be cumbersome, it just adds one more step to the process.  I have created a mobile and desktop master thinking that maybe the "banner" would disappear after completing the process but it did not.  Can't you add a "don't show this again" selection.


Thank you

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Loose the ad. It takes up screen real estate that is better used for displaying more campaigns in the list. I hate having to click and close it all of the time.
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I created an email by copying an old one, and got the annoying CC self-promo banner (don't even recall what it was for) at the top of the edit screen. I went to close the banner and it said I had to save the email first.  Granted, it's one small thing, but it's a nuisance, disrupting the workflow.  It would be nice if we could just close the thing.

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Please stop putting informational popups at the top of the screen such as inviting attendance at upcoming webinars. These get in the way of the editing box and would be better placed at the bottom of the screen. If you absolutely must use these in their current position, please set the cookie so that it displays just once! I've logged in multiple times today and each time I've seen the same popup message. If I was interested I would have done something about it when I first saw the message. I really don't need to see it again, and again, and again! Thanks!


Floating ad banners at top of page are annoying and distracting while also impeding my work. This needs to go -- this is not the place to try to upsell products, when people are trying to focus on complicated text and layout.

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