designations for customers who participate in the community

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I don't know where constant Contact has come up with the designations it gives to people who participate in discussions here in the community. Some make sense, like "occasional visitor", but others (for instance "advisor" are crazy and inappropriate. There's another one like this that I'm not recalling now, but they are designations that make it sound like the customeris actually a CC employee. Now yes I know you have a tag to designate employees. But people may not realize that these others, that SOUND like employees, are not. Can you change this???

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I meant to also say that I have received several private messages asking me for help in a customer's account. Because they see "advisor" and think they should ask me.


Hi @JulieL34. Thank you so much for your feedback! The Community was designed to encourage conversations not just between Constant Contact employees and our customers but between the users of our product as well! I'd like to provide a little transparency behind the different roles that customers are given.


Your role is based on an algorithm determined by our Community platform, Lithium, and the activity that you take while logged in. This includes how long you have been a member of the Community, the number of replies you have posted, the amount of kudos that you receive on your posts and the number of accepted solutions you have written. For your role in particular, we see you as a valued contributor due to your participation, which we very much appreciate! I can, however, see how this can be seen as misleading for other Community users and we will consider your request for revamping the roles that are available.

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I emailed this comment but looks like it doesn't come through here.


It sems to me that the very least you could do is post in a noticeable place, a description of what these "roles" mean.

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