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easier access to drafts

easier access to drafts

with your new format, i have to click several times just to see my drafts. and i go there the most. can you make that more accessible, like it was in your old format? thanks.
CTCT Employee

Thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback. I understand how it may be quicker and more useful to be able to access your drafts without all of the extra clicking.

CTCT Employee
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Occasional Participant
A shortcut is needed for getting to drafts from the main landing page.
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Occasional Contributor

Agreed. Also, when I'm in a draft email, and I click Exit, it brings me back to the original landing page, with ALL the emails, Draft and Sent, grrr. Why doesn't it go back ONE page, to the list of draft emails? If I'm working in drafts, that's where I'd like to stay.