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event registration

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event registration

I have a registrant that would like to add a guest but it won't let me do it. Can the registrant do it? The problem is they both have the same email address so it won't let him register the guest either.

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hey @AmyH045, registrants can register with an email only once. Currently, a unique email address is required for each registrant. If you anticipate that registrants will want to bring a guest, we do have the option for guests to be enabled. The instructions for this can be found here:


I did take a look at your event and it looks like you have guests turned on for your recent event. If a guest wasn't added during the original registration process, they would either have to register with a different email or you can cancel the original registration. This would allow the original registrant to re-register with the same email and add the guest to their registration. 


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Thank you for responding.  It seems it would be easier if the system would simply let the registrant to go back into their registration and add the guest or make a change (such as choose another activity).  If I cancel the original registration the new registration will charge the individual again.  I don't want to issue a refund only to have charge the individual again for their registration. 

CTCT Employee

I completely understand! We've got some other feedback regarding the ability to register with the same email address and being able to edit registration so I'll be adding your feedback to those requests.