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login after time out too many clicks

login after time out too many clicks

If you leave the Constant Contact tab to work on something and don't log out, you are automatically logged out after some time. when you go back if offers you a button to log back in, but that takes you to the home page. Then you have to click log in to get to the login page. Why don't you have it go straight to the log in page?
Status changed to: Voting Open

Great feedback @JulieL34

Valued Contributor

It seems so simple and obvious, but in the past when I raised it to support people they couldn't seem to get what I was saying. I'm hoping I've finally explained it in a way that will get through. I actually would prefer that more time be available before they log you out. Most of the time I am working on multiple projects and it's often frustrating to go back to an email and find I have to click out click back several times, then remember where I left off because it's no longer on the screen. So I guess I would add on to the suggestion that it would be really great if the system held on to where you were and served it back up when you log back in (specifically in a case where you were timed out.)


That makes sense.  Thank you for the feedback.  I've opened this up for voting and will share the feedback with our Product Team.

Strongly agree with JulieL34!


It is very frustrating to be deep in Constant Contact working, have the timeout kick us out, then have to navigate all the way back to where we were working.


The Constant Contact software KNOWS WHERE WE ARE at all times.  As a retired professional programmer, I assure you that it is TRIVIAL to save the state of our session when we are forcibly evicted!