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new graphics editing tools

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new graphics editing tools

I don't think I've ever really complained before in the 5-6 years I've been using CC, but I really am NOT PLEASED with the new editing tool. Some of the effects are very cool, but it's not pleasant to use them. First of all it opens to black on the left, which fades as you move the cursor up and down. Too dark and gloomy! If your graphic is light, you can't even read the writing on top of it with the names of the special effects! As people who do PR, you ought to know that writing is no good if you can't even read it. Against a dark background, it's also hard to see a black frame for instance. It's just not friendly to use! I do like some of the special effects and being able to adjust, for instance, the width of the frame. I see color choices for some things, but haven't figured out if there is a way to make frames other colors than black. The wood frame is cool and I like the multi as well. What does Brush do? So far I haven't figured that out either. It's a good start, but I expected more, since it was out for order for days! Back to the drawing board, please, and make it more attractive, easier to read and more pleasant to use. Usually I'm VERY complimentary of CC- just not this time! Thanks! Rhoda London Temple Sisterhood
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Hey @KarenG03, thanks for your feedback! We used a third party service to allow users to edit their images and this service was unexpectedly discontinued and while we tried to extend our usage of it, the discontinuation of supporting this editor was deemed permanent by that third party. Due to this, we were able to quickly implement a newer image editor that offers a lot of really cool features. This image editor was created by, a third party company, and is the editor we also use in the mobile app for Constant Contact. While we have some control over the image editor, the overall functionality and look and feel is something that we don't have direct control of. I am collecting all of the feedback that we get and providing it to the appropriate teams. Would having an option to toggle a "light theme" be useful? This would ultimately make the editor much less dark and more of a white background, black text interface. 


In regards to the brushes, these allow you to draw and paint onto the image that you are editing. Some users like to draw frames around images to give them a creative look. They can also be used to quickly "erase" part of the image by covering it up.