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Hello-  I enjoyed the service with constant contact.  However, I am quitting my service.  I don't like that material is not able to be deleted in the archives.  It feels like a violation of my ability to maintain my privacy.  I hope you will fix this issue, however, in researching the topic I discovered that there have been a lot of inquiries about this issue since 2014.  Please let me know if this gets fixed sometime and I will return.  Excellent customer service btw.

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Thank you for the feedback @RustyL89, and sorry to see you go.


I want to understand your feedback better.  When you mention being able to delete material-- are you talking about contacts, emails, something else?

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This bothers me also, though I haven't considered quitting. I know exactly what he is talking about, or at least one aspect of it. For instance, sometimes you do a draft email and decide to go in a totally different direction and know you are never going to use it. But there it is, forever in a folder of deleted emails. You can never empty that trash. And I do mean never. Having been with CC for more than 10 years, a lot can accumulate.


Another related thing is that, although you do not have full access to old report data (anyone know if there is a request for that, that I could support?), neither can you remove very old data to clean up your account, if you want to. And you can't delete contacts you find no longer have the address they subscribed with, you have to keep them in that limbo state of unsubscribed but not really, in your account.

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