"Resend to Non-Openers" & "Resend to new contacts"

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Hello, why is not possible to resend to both non-openers and new contacts in the same campaign? I tried to do both but got an error message that I couldn't do resend to non openers if I have already resent to new contacts. It makes no sense that one would cancel out the other. Do it all. Send every dang email possible. That's what your platform is here for, right?



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Hi @Shomee.life thanks for bringing this to our attention! What is the error message you're receiving when trying to select resend to non openers?


Hi, I am not able to reproduce the exact message now but here is what it looks like is going on.


This occurred on the mobile app for iOS. I went to my most recent campaign and select the link to Resend. After tapping that link I realized that it was only for resending to new users that joined the list. I wanted to send to non openers, therefore I went to the website. When I tried to do the same, I got a message very similar to " cannot resend to non openers if this has already been sent to new contacts". When I went back to the app, there was an active message on screen to the effect of "message is being resent". So could it be that it was just not letting me perform both these operations at once?


Later, when I went back to the app, now it will permit to resend the email but it doesn't specify if that's to everyone, non openers, or new contacts.


Hope that's enough info.

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