screen only available via e-mail link, not through dashboard

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can you guys make this screen available via the dashboard: Right now the only way for me to get to this screen is through the e-mail confirmation about how my e-mail campaigns have done 48 hours after mailing. It's a really helpful screen to see how you're doing across all past campaigns at once. Thanks

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Hi @DanielA397

Thanks for posting, can you provide a screenshot of the page you can't seem to access without the link?

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Hi there,


Yes, please see screenshot attached.

ThanksConstant Contact   Emails   Reports.png


HI @DanielA397

Sorry for the delay, this took some digging. It looks like this is actually an issue we're aware of. You shouldn't see this page in this type of account at all, instead you would see the pages you can navigate to by clicking Reporting on the left. 

I don't have a timeframe to share for a resolution but am happy to leave your case open to have you notified if you would like. 

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