sending one email is very cumbersome

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I discovered in order to send out i email the email has to be in a sent status. This means if I send and email to one person and want to send a similar email to another I have to resend it to myself so that it is not a draft anymore and then send to another person. Your quicksend does not work if one meets new clients everyday and needs to send individual thank you notes or confirmation of a meeting. Basically your system is for email blasts. I wish you could accomodate individual emails as well. Thank you K

Thanks for posting this feedback, @KarenN757. The system is designed for bulk emails but there are a couple ways to send individual emails as you mentioned. First, the resend feature works for 85 days after the original email is sent. You can type in the address to resend to or you can resend to the contacts that are new to your list. 

Quicksend is good too but it might not work for your situation. Are you customizing each email with customer specific information? If so, a good think to consider would be to put this information into a custom field so you can pull the contact details into the email for each customer. For example, you might add the contact John Smith and in a custom field you have his meeting time. Your first email would be set to up to greet John by his name and then let him know what was in that custom field.

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