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I have been so busy, I haven't been able to do more with my free trial. I have also forgotten what all I can do with constant contact. It would be nice if there was someway to explore the site to see what all is available without plopping down money I don't have at the moment. Can I set up an email account through you? I have another business angle I am trying to set up. A separate email is needed for it. Also, when I try to access the help/support button, it doesn't work. This at least should be available to ALL of the public. Not just the trial and paid membership public.

HI @DebH781 

At this time Constant Contact doesn't offer an email address for you to use but there are plenty of free options online for you to try out. The help buttons should work for you even if you aren't paying, we're here to help! The support team is happy to give you a walk though if you would like to call in. Your account can still be in trial for this! Here is a link to their contact information.


If you have any questions we can help with here please let me know!

Status changed to: Functioning as designed
Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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