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It used to be just fine - and now it stinks. I can't make a report with the open answers. This is terrible.
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Hi @MaryT62296. What about the survey reporting would make it easier for you to review your respondents' responses? To clarify for "open responses" is this for the "open answer" question type? 

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It used to list all the open response answers underneath the questions (viewing on line) or in a separate tab when you downloaded to a spreadsheet. 


Now it lists some of the answers, not  all, and doesn't even tell you to which question they correspond.

Status changed to: Closed - Indirectly Fixed

Hi @MaryT62296 I apologize for the delay in our reply. Looking at your response, I believe this was part of a defect that has been fixed. If you are continuing to experience this issue, please post on our Get Help board so we can assist properly.

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