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I've been a member less than a year and run into a problem each time I try to use the site. Granted some are user error and I have had good help from calling the help line. However, many times when trying to schedule an email or change something, the site will send me on a loop that I can't get off of. I need this type of tool for my business because I am a 1-person counseling practice but so far it's been very frustrating. Today I wanted to check my campaign and see if my scheduling it on facebook a few months ago is still in place. Currently the campaigns button on the top tool bar only gives me a blank page each time. Now I have to go on to other things on my schedule and did not get the information I need.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @PatS4849,


Sorry to hear you run into issues with your account.  Is it typically issues where pages won't load correctly?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm sorry to hear you were having a hard time. At this time we will be marking this as closed. If there are any specific pages you were having a hard time navigating feel free to submit your feedback again.

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