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The current menu bar at the top of the page has changed from black (or was it white) letters on blue to black letters on dark grey. It's REALLY not readable at all. Can you make the lettering white on grey or lighten up the background color please? I feel as though I am blind when on your site! Thanks
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Thank you for the feedback @SarahP494,


The menu bar should appears as dark grey with lighter grey writing on it.  Is that what you are seeing?  Just want to make sure everything is displaying properly for you.  Would you be able to send me a screenshot to take a look?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Due to a lack of a response we will be marking this as closed at this time. The description Patrick has described is how the menu bar should appear. If you do have further questions or concerns please feel free to get us a screenshot or reach back out to us.

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