All thoughts welcomed!


All thoughts welcomed!

I would love some general thoughts from our most recent campaign. Overall we avg. 10% open rate and low CTR's. 

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HI @SallyA

It looks like the link you shared isn't working as it references something on your computer. Can you try sharing again or let us know what the name of the campaign is called so we can share a link for you?


Looking forward to seeing what you are woking 

Hannah M.
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I published my first letter and now I have to do my second. I would like to keep the same layout and color etc. without having to create my newsletter from scratch .


How do I do that?





Hey @CorrinneG


I'm happy to show you how you can use the same template for your next newsletter.  You want to make a copy of it.


To do so you can:

  • Click on the Campaigns tab 
  • Find your Sent email newsletter
  • Click the Actions drop down
  • Click Copy

    Toolkit Copy.png


For anyone else reading this and your account looks different, try these steps:


  • Click on the Email tab 
  • Find your sent email
  • Hover over the name of your email to see the options below
  • Click that the one that says Copy

Copy Email.png


Hope that helps!