Are you using mobile responsive design?

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Are you using mobile responsive design?



Is anyone here using a responsive template? Have you noticed a difference in engagement? I'm attempting to create a mobile-friendly template for a newsletter that looks just as good on a phone as it does on a tablet or desktop. It's been frustratingly difficult to do this with a CC custom template, so I've had to settle for one of the prefab templates.


Take a look at a new design we're testing and let me know what you think; all critiques are welcome!


View the new design:


Hi @diablopubs,


I appreciate you reaching out and looking for feedback on your template design. The difference in engagement can vary from one user to another, but across the board we are seeing more and more people are opening their e-mails on mobile devices.


I think the overall look of the e-mail is great and I sent tests to different mobile devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 6, and LG V10). The only "issue" I saw was the word "Website" near the top of the template shifted to its own line on the iPhone 4 because of the smaller screen. Otherwise, the rest of the template responded well on every test. 


My recommendations are as follows:


1) Remove the block near the top with "Name | Company | Phone | Email | Website." The Company name is in the very cool logo at the top. You could also link the logo to the website. The Email and the Phone could be added to their own red block down at the bottom (like, Food + Drink).


2) If you link the top logo to your website then you could do away with the red DIABLOMAG.COM block at the bottom. Food + Drink is at the top and could be removed from the bottom as well. This is where Email and Phone could take their place. It could look like:






3) The 40% Off image in the center is well designed but appears blurry. I would double check the dimensions of the file before importing it to your Library on Constant Contact and see if the pixel width is set higher than 800px. The Upload process will compress anything higher than 800px wide and it could be why the image appears so blurry. If it's less than 800px it could be blurry from being stretched to fit the space. 


4) The example you gave shows a lot of Article Headline blocks. This might not be your intent, but just in case I would let your website do the talking and let the e-mail be short and sweet. I would limit it to 2-3 article blocks and only include a little information in each and then link them back to your website to drive more traffic. If more of your contacts are using mobile devices to view e-mails then the more they have to scroll the less likely they will catch everything in the e-mail. 


5) I think the darker red offsets the lighter red in the logo nicely but I suggest trying a dark gray color (Color Hex #545454) similar to the buttons on your site and see how that looks. It's optional in my opinion, but gives you an alternate color palette to work with. 


6) The e-mail is already like this but in case it was not intentional, make sure to keep it single column whenever possible. Two column templates do not respond well in mobile. It's okay to left or right align images and wrap text but it will appear differently on mobile. Here is an example on the LG V10 phone:




























I hope this was helpful. 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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