Campaign Critique Requested


Campaign Critique Requested

May I trouble you to review and provide feedback for how I can improve this e-newsletter?  I look forward to your feedback.  Thank you.




Hi @cityemployee

Great job on this email, the logo at the top pops right out! I would think about making this clickable to your website for the future. Here are a couple of additional ideas.


- I like the image right at the top but it takes a moment to realize this is also an event. I would think about moving the event into the body of the email and just having the logo at the top. This will also help your readers know the email is from you right away. 


- Have you considered a left of right column template? This would give you the space and flexibility to include the smaller pieces of content there without needing to take up the entire block. As it is right now the email is a bit long and probably could be shortened just a little using the column.


- I would make the logo at the top of the email smaller or make the article headers stretch the full width of the email. This is something we can help with if you would like, just let us know!


- Great job including the social media logos at the bottom. Have you considered using these somewhere near the top so people notice them right away?


Thanks for posting,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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I liked the format and the use of white space. It wasn't cluttered or too busy. Just a couple suggestions: add more color and maybe a few photos to give it just a little more pizzazz! Otherwise, very nice!