Creating a landing page


Creating a landing page

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What are the potential downsides to creating a website landing page with an inline form through constant contact's new website builder? We have a robust website but I'm looking to create a campaign-specific lead gen page. It seems like the proposed solution of CC's website builder may work, but am I sacrificing SEO or anything by doing it on CC vs my main website?


Hello @HannaB63 ,


In general, a brand new site, especially one that mainly focuses on just attaining new sign ups will likely have a lower SEO score overall. However, if you're intending on moving the entirety of your site to us, that would likely bring the content you need to have a good SEO score.


With that said, if you already have a CTCT account, is there a particular reason you'd want to use the website builder for a sign up form, and not just make a single sign up landing page in your current CTCT account?

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