Critique My Campaign, Por Favor!


Critique My Campaign, Por Favor!

Hi there, wonderful Constant Contact community! I would truly appreciate some feedback on my campaign and I will return the favor where needed. Please be honest... True critisism is the best way for myself to learn. 

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Thank you so much in advance!





Hi ErykaQ,


I would recommend switching to the new editor if you haven't already. Also, you may want to get a handle on the number of colors you use, and possibly switch to a one-column format.  There is a lot going on here - if you'd like a more thorough discussion of how to improve this, please reach out. It looks like you're doing some cool things in Oakland! Peace, 

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Hello @ErykaQ,


Albert has given you a lot of great information and he's right on all counts! We recommend limiting your colors to your branding so that they're an enhancement rather than the focus of your campaign. In addition, here are some specific suggestions for making it more mobile friendly:

Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are an increasingly popular way to view emails and the experience is different than viewing them on a traditional computer. If you've been copying the same template for awhile, it's recommended to create a new email using our new 3GE editor since all of those templates are mobile-responsive.


Mobile-responsive templates use technology to adapt and format your email’s layout, based on the size of the screen it’s being displayed on. For example, a mobile-responsive email may have an image with text to the right of it. When someone views this template on a mobile device the text and image may appear stacked (image on top, text on bottom) so that it is easier for the end user to read.


  • Customize for branding - To save time, limit your customization to updating colors to match your branding, inserting images, and adding content and links that are relevant to the message you’re sending out. Keep color choices to under five, excluding black and white.
  • Follow block titles/descriptions - Template blocks are professionally designed for specific uses. Each block is labeled with its intended use; for example: image block, headline block, button block, footer block, etc. Blocks are also labeled to provide clarity about how they will display in your email; for example: Article with Left Image, Feature Article with Right Image. The title of the block will let you know how it should be used so that you can get the best result possible.
  • Avoid tiny text - Use text that’s easy-to-read on any device. We recommend keeping the default sizes provided in the template, but if you need to change them, use 22pt for headlines; 14pt for body. Choose web-safe fonts that are pre-installed on many devices, and don't use more than 2 different fonts. You'll get the best results with around 20 lines of text, but if your content is longer, it's best to include a few short lines of "teaser" text with a link to read more online.
  • Keep it short; be clear and concise -  Be mindful of the length of your message. Adding additional blocks will lengthen your message and make it difficult to consume on a smaller device. In most cases, you won’t need more than one image, three lines of text, and a clear action for the reader to take. An analysis of more than 2.1 million Constant Contact customer emails found that emails with 3 or fewer images and 20 lines of text saw the highest click-through rates.

When designing for a mobile device, keep in mind that different email clients and devices have different ways of displaying email content. It's a good idea to send yourself a test email and open it on your own smartphone or tablet to get a good idea of how your contacts will experience it.

 I hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you for choosing Constant Contact. 

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thanks, Amber. 

Albert Kaufman - Here to help you make the most out of your account. Let's work together: