Critique my Campaign: HealthCheck Explained


Critique my Campaign: HealthCheck Explained

I welcome any constructive criticism. We're a healthcare & coverage nonprofit and use our emails to distribute resources. More information:


Hey @MattK047,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I would be happy to provide you with some feedback. First of all, I really love the layout and design of your email! It's not overwhelming with information and is very straight to the point. Some best practices to implement are, making sure your header image is linked back to your website and add your logo to the footer of the email somewhere. Branding is very important and so is getting traffic back to your site, so you get both by adding those two things. 


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Hey Matt,

Are there any calls to action you would like to consider including to drive traffic back to your website for example? Also, you'll want to not overwhelm the reader with too many links and focus on highlighting what's most important. Let me know if you would like to talk further, thanks!