Critique my campaign.


Critique my campaign.

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I work in Public Relations. It has been already 11 years now, building a database of 7,235 people interested in receiving my emails. I joined Constant Contact two weeks ago, sent out this campaign and these are some of the issues I am finding:

1. Before I used to have 100% open rate, sending only text. Now we have added some images and links and the open rate has been only 20%.

2. We went through the "Did not open" contacts and found contacts that did have open the email. So we don't understand if there is a mistake in the system that traces the emails or what.

Comments are very welcome.


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I can't answer that myself, but I'm curious: whatever program you used before, do you know the details on how it tracked Opens?




Hello @CECILEH98,


I am sorry to hear that you are not having the open rate success that you are used to seeing. I did take a look over your campaign, and I believe it is a great email. Having images and links usually helps with open rates, because they help engage your readers.


The reason you may have seen a few people on the Did Not Open list, is due to the fact not all opens are tracked. In email clients like Outlook, where a reader can preview the email on side pane, it will not track as an open unless they click on the email name and it pulls up as a full window.


To help with your open rates going forward, you may want to look into using different effective subject lines, or looking at these tips for getting more contacts to open an email.


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