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Critique my website


Critique my website

I originally made contact with Constant Contact when I was planning to start marketing my spare tire carrier. At that time I consulted with your company to make a website for me. After some back and forth, you and I agreed that you were not the best company to do that at that time but you were working on improving those capabilities. Since that time I have a website prepared and the website is dalesparetirecarrier.com. That site has been active since May and I have yet to have a single sale from the website. I would appreciate it is you would look at the website and see if you would be interested in helping with my marketing effort. My email address is daletirecarrier@gmail.com, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello @LarryA97 ,


Taking a look at your website, it appears you have all the main elements you'd need in a site to start making sales. One thing I noticed is that the social media buttons you have in the footer don't go anywhere. Do you already have an audience on social media? If not, it'd likely be worth it to create a Facebook / Instagram business account, and start creating ads that can direct people towards your website. Additionally, whether you use us or another ESP, it may be worth looking into creating Lead Generation Ads and similar tools to get people to sign up for email engagement.


Once you've started building an audience on social media, you can start directing them towards your website, and start "advertising" directly to that audience with posts about special deals, etc.


If you do decide to try our services again for Emailing, social media engagement, ad publishing, etc., I'd definitely suggest taking a look at one of our professional services like Marketing Advisor or Marketing Manager. An advisor will be trained in your industry, and can give you the best guidance for developing an online marketing strategy, as well as implementing and continuing that strategy. A manager can help run the account for you, or effectively run almost every aspect of your email marketing, ad publishing, etc. if you so desire. For more information on those services and similar ones, check out this page

William D
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