Feedback Appreciated!


Feedback Appreciated!

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Hello @JJP19 


First of all I love that your email design matches your branding! Great job.


One thing I would consider on your next send is your subject line. I noticed that it was sent out in all caps, which could trigger a spam filter. We have a great FAQ on how to optimize your subject line for deliverability. You have plenty of clickable links throughout the email but you could also try making some of your images clickable links as well. Even just making a few of them redirect back to different sections of your website can create more engagement with your readers. You can follow our how-to here: Make an image a clickable link


I would also consider adding image descriptions to your images as well. Some of your viewer's may have their images blocked by default in their email client. By adding an image description, you are telling them exactly what they will see if they allow images to download. I like that you included a Facebook button along with your Angie's List button. Maybe try including a Join My List button as well. Your readers could be forwarding your emails to others and having this button available is a great way to grow your contact list. You can find this button within your blocks options on the left side of the editor:




It appears you were mid-edit when you posted this particular screenshot, So i did base my suggestions off your final product. I would add a link or additional screenshot of your final copy so others in the community can add in their ideas as well!


I hope you find these suggestions helpful, let us know if you have any additional questions.

Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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