Help Critique Our emails. Open rate way down

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Help Critique Our emails. Open rate way down

Hi All! 


Please help us make things better for better open rates and click throughs for sales! 

We are a small womens boutique that sells online as well as our brick and mortor store. I am going to attach a few of our recent emails. But we typically send out emails 2 to 3 times a week to show off blogs, tips, new arrivals, sales, or styling, etc. 

Let us know what you think! 




Hello @ANDREAb086,


There are a few different ways you can improve click-through rates and open rates for your emails. One thing you may want to consider is going through your email reports and deleting contacts that have no longer been opening your emails. By getting rid of contacts that are no longer opening your emails, you should see your open rates go up relatively. Lowering the amount of contacts may also save you money on your monthly charge too.


To engage customers that are currently in your account, one of the best ways to attract opens is to create a strong subject line.


Here is our FAQ that talks about additional ways that will help "Improve Open Rates."


By improving your open rates, you will ultimately see your click-through rates rise too. Creating button blocks for links also makes it easy for readers to know what they should be clicking on.


Here is our FAQ showing the current average industry rates for email reporting. As always, you can use the Critique My Campaign feature on our Community Page, to receive feedback from other Constant Contact customers.








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Thank you! I will def look into all of these! 


Hello @ANDREAb086,


@Jonathan_R gave you some very useful information. I also noticed that your email had a very low ratio of text to image. This has shown to increase the risk of being marked as spam by email service providers.


Her are some helpful FAQs that can help increase the success of your campaigns:


Set Up Images for Success in a Campaign Email


Email has low ratio of text to image area

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Thank you Lenszie! I found some good info about layering text over images for our emails instead too! Thank you! 

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I'm no expert, but my first impression before even looking at your campaign was the send frequency. When I get 2 - 3 a week form anyone, it's too often and I usually unsubscribe.

How are your un-sub rates?


I would agree with LeannE1. Too many emails in one week will cause people to unsubscribe. I work for a small fine craft and jewelry gallery and when we ask people if they would like to sign up for our email list we initially get a lot of hesitation because people always say they get "too many emails already". We make sure to tell them we don't send them out all the time and then they seem to be better with that. However, even though I say that I don't think we personally send them out enough which can also cause people to unsubscribe because they don't remember who we are or why they signed up. It's definitely a balance that you may need to experiment with. Hope that helps.


Hi , The email looks pretty good I'd say. I would make the photos clickable links for sure so customers can go directly to the items. (I know I always like to click on the photos to go right to the item). Your website is very nice too. Nice large professional photos.