How do you think we are doing?

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How do you think we are doing?

We recently switched from a plain text gmail blast to Constant contack for our Partriot Truck is Coming e-mails. So you have context: we make aluminum conduit and we have 5 of our own trucks that can make deliveies east of the Mississippi, no freight minimums, this is completely unique in our industry. The text to this campaign is pretty static every week. 


And advice to increase open rates would be helpful. 

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I think your layout is very attractive.


Please understand that I am from a completely different industry and have never heard of your company, so these are comments from an outsider:

  1. I don't see your email subject line. It should deal with the customer's point of view. If your subject line matches your headline, you might be better off changing the subject line to something like: Limited space available through March 1  or  Space open on routes to TN, WV, ... . 
  2. Looking at the top of the newsletter it looks like your company name is Patriot. In the body copy where you talk about helping to fill the Patriot truck, it seems like this is a donation truck for veterans that is covering a multi-state area. 
  3. Be sure you've named your images promotionally since there are a lot of them on your page. If your company logo is called something like 4c_Logo, then some recipients will see that due to the settings on their devices. If you change the name of the image to "Patriot opens express service area" you can squeeze in one more promo opportunity in the customer's email preview pane.

Good luck!

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Thank you for you input. These suggestions will definitely help moving forward. We are the only one in our industry to own our own trucks so naturally, We call them the Patriot trucks and the Service is called Patriot Blue. I will look at the copy again to make it more clear that we want fill the trucks with orders!!! Though we are very proud that 1/2 of our workforce is vets, its part of our culture. The image naming idea is pure brillance and I appreciate that. I will pass that along. What an easy one time thing to do. 


Thank you again. 


Jennifer Maynard 

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Patriot Alumium

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Add humor - show a coupling thumbing a ride.

Add info - educate us about the parts, the trip

Add testimonial / stories of success / photos of your clients / their products and projects

Add a special on a patriotic holiday

Add a promo item gift offer - a flag decal

Add a report from the road - a pipe sight-seeing different parts of your route

Tell stories about your culture, proud to be supporting vets


Check it on a mobile phone and see if it looks good. Does the staff show up first? If so, could you move them to the end, instead of a two-column?


For Facebook - show all your staff in green, dress up a pipe as an Irishman