Is a 16% open rate and 2% click thru a good result?


Is a 16% open rate and 2% click thru a good result?

Hi, we do B to B sales, selling thru a distrbutor network.  We send 12,000 emails to both existing and new potential distributors.

We avergage aroung 16% open rate and 2 % click thru. Is that good?  What are the avergae open/click thru rates?


A recent email is attached.  This is just the inserted image I could not figure out how to link to the full email


Your feedback on whether this is above or below average is greatly apprecuated


Any suggestions for improvement are welcome





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Hi @MikeM62


Thanks for sharing. I took a look at our Average Industry Rates FAQ and for your industry, Manufacturing, I'd like to share what the average is.


For Open Rates - 23.74%

Click-Through Rates - 9.50%


Based on those averages you're a little below that. Here are some ways that I can think of to help you improve upon those rates.


For your Open Rate - you want to have a Subject Line that is compelling and people want to open your email. What did this email say for the subject line when you sent it out? Here's an FAQ on how you can Optimize your subject line for deliverability and here is another to Improve email open rates


For your Click-Through Rates, I'm not seeing any Calls to Action. I know that this is just an image of a recently sent email but I'm not seeing anything I should click on to make a purchase or to find out more information. What action do you want your readers to take when viewing your email? That has to be right there in the open so that they know they should be doing that.


Here are our instructions on how to share your email campaign with us in here. I'd love to see your next one and to see if we can help you improve on that or if you'd seen any increase on open rates and click-through rates!


I hope that helped! Any other questions let us know!

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