Learn How to Share Your Campaign Here!


Learn How to Share Your Campaign Here!

In order to share your Campaign here, you need to be first logged into the Constant Contact Community. Click here to login.


  • Click on the Discussions link at the top of the Community
  • Click on Critique My Campaign
  • Click New Message
  • Enter a Subject line in the Subject box
  • Add your Campaign by following the steps below in the Body box either by adding it as an Image or as a Link

Follow the directions below to make an image out of your campaign:

  1. Follow the steps in this post on Screenshots to make an image out of your Campaign.
  2. Once the image is saved to your computer, come back into the Community
  3. Click on Discussions and then on Critique My Campaign
  4. Click New Message to start a new post to share your campaign.
  5. Click on the image icon in the edit toolbar

    insert image in community message.png

  6. Click the Choose File button to open up your computer to browse for the image
  7. Select your image and click Open
  8. When you’re back on the Add Image overlay, choose the Size of the image you want to insert( Full, Small, Medium, Large) and the Alignment of the image (inline, right, or left)
  9. Click Insert Image
  10. Click Post when complete.

Follow these directions to add as a link:

Standalone Accounts:

Go to your Sent Emails and hover over the email you wish to share

Click the Share icon

Hover to share.png

You can use the Simple Share Option. Click on that and follow prompts to get a URL


Simple Share.png

Another way is to Archive your email and use that URL (not available to all accounts, cost associated)


If you added a Webpage Version for your Email, you can grab that off the email that was mailed to you


Toolkit Accounts:


Go to the Campaigns tab in your account

To the right of the Campaign you want to share, click the chain-mail link icon


Toolkit Share URL.png


That will give you an overlay where you can click the blue View button to view the webpage version. Here you want to copy the URL in the box.


Toolkit Share URL Overlay.png


Go back to your Draft in Critique My Campaign and click the link icon in the edit toolbar.


insert image in community message.png


In the Insert link overlay:


  • Paste your link in the URL box
  • Enter what you want your text to say “Click Here” for example
  • For Target, change to Open in new page.
  • Then click Ok.

community insert link overlay.png


And that’s it!


We can’t wait to see the great campaigns you’re working on and love to hear what you think about those that have already shared!


Share your Campaign now!