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Looking to connect with others

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Looking to connect with others

I am not sure of this is the right location. How do I connect with others that use Constant Contact that are in the grief/grieving arena? I was told to go the community page for support but am lost.  

Thanks for guiding me to others who work in this field. 


Have a wonderful day. 


Re: Grief

Hello @TheGriefSpecialist 


Thanks for joining us! Currently, we're in the early stages of experimenting with groups to connect with people in specific industries. We don't have any specifically in the grieving arena yet, we've just started to test with a few other industries. After we learn the ropes a bit we'd like to expand it to other industries. Consulting/Training services is one we were eyeing, which may fit for you. I'm appreciative you've expressed your interest so that we can keep that in mind.


In the meantime, there may be a few options. For people we are able to identify in the Consulting/Training field we are trying to show that as an indicator next to their screen name in posts on the Community, for example: 2020-07-28 16_21_33-unmatched columns - Constant Contact Community.png




The hope is as you find posts in the Community you may notice someone with the same question and industry in yourself which may prompt further discussions. Admittedly, this option isn't perfect yet since you may find a lot of specific support questions.


You can also always use this Get Advice area to ask any marketing related questions you may be looking for guidance on. The audience may be a bit wider than you're looking for, but we hope it can at least be useful for a few people weighing in.


If we hear of any other requests for this we will be sure to point them here. If you'd like to chat further about the kinds of content/discussions you would like to see in a group, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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