Can we turn off MFA. We share logins within a department so that others can work a project when someone might be out. To have MFA tied to one person's cell is not going to work for us. How can this be turned off?


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Because this is meant to help curb unapproved account logins, it can be instrumental in your account's security and our ability as a company to get your emails into your contact's inboxes, instead of to their spam. The more we can assure that email is being sent legitimately and not by spammers the better our sending reputation is and the more you can rely on your contacts seeing your emails in their inbox, so at this time there is no way to turn off this security feature.

What can be done is creating additional user roles within your Constant Contact account. That way when they go to login the account they enter their own username and password then their choice of MFA that is tied to their device.  No longer sharing that username login, each person has their own username and password with their own MFA. The steps for creating additional users within the account I have linked here for you. 



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