My first campaign


My first campaign

I own a brick and mortar store and have started a rewards program. This is the first newsletter I plan to send out. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them!




Ann Nunnally


Regional Uniform & Supply Newsletter


Hi @RegUniform


Thanks for sharing your campaign with us. I think you did a great job making your logo a clickable link, as well as including your social media pages. A couple of suggestions, your social media icons are at the bottom of your email, I would suggest moving them to the top of your email, as people are more likely to click on them if they're near the top. In your first section you mention that if your contacts "like you on Facebook they get a 5% off coupon". Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow this practice anymore. Instead you can say   "like us on Facebook to learn about our deals,currently we  are giving away a 5% discount for our store". Right below this section, add a link to your Facebook page.  If you decide to make these changes,we'd love to see your finished product and if it helped with your click through rate! 

Shweta Iyer
Community & Social Media Support Intern

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In addition to the previous comments I would add.


Try to link the products mentionned directly to the area of that website where they can be found. Either the specific item, or the group... Such as the Nightsticks.. I'd maybe even out a couple of specific products and offer an incentive on them.