PLEASE LOOK! Low Open Rates--Looking for Suggestions...


PLEASE LOOK! Low Open Rates--Looking for Suggestions...


We do use a mandated Signarama template-However, I try to make graphics interesting. 

We have a new promotion every month, I try to highlight that as best as possible.

Looking to up open rates, need help with attractive subject lines that aren't spammy.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you for your time!



Hi Meg,

I looked over your email blast and I think you are on the right track with content and layout, I also think you might choose one article and one promo and really focus on the group of people your mailing when selecting the articles. I found that the one really good article highlighting things like, creativity and social media tips are what our customers are looking for. Most of the Signarama customers here in northern California responded well to those things repeatedly. 


I like the format, I use a similar layout, however try to limit the header graphics to a single image, and really showcase the headlines of your articles and promos rather than the graphics, the message is in your headlines not the graphics.  Also a lot of times CC doesn't play well with the web browsers and people can't see the images making your design work a missed opportunity.


Links are a huge here too, you have your email and website in there but they dont link to your site, with outbound links you can redirect the clicks to web traffic and conversions. 


I think your doing great, with time and enough data you can see what works and what doesn't, just really look at who your emailing and what fields their in. I hope this helps.


  Jared Kirkland





Here are my suggestions. Either remove or somehow reduce the elongated flame. When the e-mail comes to the reciepient the graphics will hid your message and could cause instant closing.


I think everything looks good but I would make everything on the right column smaller this will allow you to enlarger the left column. Give your customers and potential customers information and be less salesy. By reducing the right column boxes you will still get the message out but the stories will take center stage.


I would also consider removing the by... Since all are by you it may be best to not say who wrote them and the reader will assume that its different people. It gives the impression of a company larger than you may really be.