Please Critique My Newsletter

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Please Critique My Newsletter


I would love some feedback on my monthly newsletter.  I've been doing these since 2009.   Our company is a landscape contractor and I try to make the newsletters informative for our readers, unlike our promo emails which are designed to sell.

Each newsletter features a short profile of one of our employees.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Below is the link and below that, a screenshot of the top half of the newsletter.

Thank you!


Newsletter screenshot





I like your newsletter.  In my newsletter I put the photo caption in the smallest possible type on top close to the image. Then the title is well spaced below. Below the title readers are drawn into the text - i hope.  I put the image to the side and the headline high up left of the image so the eye travels across it to the image. 

How do you get that ocean background behind your email newsletter? 



for a landscape co I think I would lighten up my colors. make green the colots or grass add some sunshine and flowers of all colors.