Please Critique our Newsletter!!!


Please Critique our Newsletter!!!


Hi @KathrynMDeJong


Thanks for sharing your campaign with us here! I think it looks great and I love how you chose a green background to match your organization!


There are a few extra spaces it looks like in the right pane. 


I was also thinking maybe you could drag and drop your blocks on the right so that they take up the full width of the template. That would take care of all that extra space down the left pane.


Looks great though! Thanks for sharing!

I'd definitely make it shorter. Switch to a mobile-friendly template. Also, include a "join my list" button.  

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Hi, Kathryn!


Two things:

1. I don't really notice the name of your comapny anywhere. A potential recipeint might not remember asking for your email and might wonder who is is from and (horrors!) call it SPAM.


2. For me, it's all about the links. You will want to be sure to link all of the images (especially the header!) to your website. One of the reasons to send an email - other than  staying in touch with customers or potential customers - is to drive traffice to your website, which can help with optimization (i.e. Google finding you!).


You want to give your readers plenty of options to "click". 


If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

Marsha Pearson
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I think that it's lovely, interesting and engaging. I would look forward to reading your content on a regular basis. The other commenters may have a point, I don't recall the name of the company, but the 'monthly leaf' is a cute name for the newsletter. Congrats on being featured in your industry mag!

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I love how u mixed the green colour !!!:smileyvery-happy:

I love see images , but i think it's too big.


what about an email contact?