Please Critique our Newsletter.


Please Critique our Newsletter.

We have been running this weekly newsletter campaign for the past 5 years.  Growth has been good, but not great.  Can you share your thoughts on how we can get more people to share and sign up.  Thank you.  Robbie


Hello @RobbieB


A couple of suggestions for your newsletter are: 

  • It looks like the email is stretched out a little, and it seems to be coming from the Hilton Head Properties Directory Block towards the bottom left.  If you move this block to be full width along the bottom, it might help. 
  • I would also recommend moving your Social Icons higher in the email, possibly within the Property Search Block.  If you are looking to get more social engagement, having these towards the top can help.
  • If you do not already use it the Social Share bar and share your email on social may be helpful to you as well.
  • If you choose to add the social options/share on social, adding a Join My List button to your email could help to get new viewers to sign up. 


For more help with signing up, it would depend on where you are promoting your newsletter.  Some suggestions would be to ensure you have a form on your site, promote your newsletter and sign up within your Social Networks, add it to your email signature for regular correspondence, and if you distribute any flyers or direct mail you can add a QR code to a sign up form as well. If you need any help with these, let us know. 

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Are you still looking for help with this newsletter? I happened across it and can give you some suggestions. We have been using Constant Contact for 9 years and are Master Certified providers. We can give you some free advice, just need to know if you still need help.


Steve Sigal


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