Please critique my campaign! Thank you!


Please critique my campaign! Thank you!


Re: Please critique my campaign! Thank you!

Hi @AliciaM569


Your campaign looks great, and if I'm ever in New Orleans I can absolutely say that I'll be checking you guys out--everything looks delicious!


You've done a wonderful job with the branding in your email; when I view the email and then go to your website I can see how well they complement each other.


One thing I'd like to recommend is turning your images into clickable links. When I went through the links on your campaign I didn't find any that linked back to your website, which could be great idea if you're attempting to increase customer traffic on your website. I saw that you do have your website listed in your campaign, but making it a one click process to get there instead of a multi-step process can help to keep your customer's (or prospective customer's) attention. 


I like how you've included various social media icons so that your customers can engage with you on different platforms.


Overall, nicely done! 



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager
Occasional Contributor

Re: Please critique my campaign! Thank you!

Hello Alicia,


Well done on your campaign it looked great, some great photos of gorgeous food and strong branding.


I would definitely suggest more clickable links particularly the images.  That would drive more people to your website and to actually take action and engage.  I did also find the email quite long, maybe you could experiment with condensing it down somewhat.


I hope that is of some use.


All the best.



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