Please critique my newsletter/click thrus


Hi there,


Your newsletter looks very sleek and polished...


Just a few suggestions:

1) Consistent font size. The first paragraph is a little smaller than the rest. Larger fonts are hard to read sometimes.

2) When titles are underlined, sometimes people want to click on I tried to do with...





Click thrus were great..I "liked" your page and followed you. :grinning:


Great job,

April :smileyface:

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Have you looked at what your piece looks like with graphics disabled? Many folks will never see the images.

Consider using your email as a way to get visitors to your website as opposed to posting all those photos in your email.  Maybe a special landing page that hosts a few choice photos as well.


I would also chime in on an alternative and more consistent typeface choice.


Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist

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Thanks Tony.  But stupid question : why would they have images disabled?

and which font would you recommend?

thanks again,


I think it looks great, but too many pictures towards the end. The beginning is tight and the ending looks a bit floppy.  

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"why would they have images disabled?"


There are so many folks unaware of this fact.  Many email clients do not enable images by default.

Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.  TONS of your viewers don't see your products unless they take an action.


So its important to create a compelling piece that for one gets the message across ( in your case I would consider getting them to your website a goal) and two make them want to turn on the images to see your content.


Consider some creative lead ins at the top of your piece. Strive to get the most important parts of your message in the top 20% of your email, above the scrolling point.


Here is a BLOG I wrote for the CTCT Member Blogs section awhile back covering font choices.:


Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist

Home & Building Services

Thanks great feedback.


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Hi Marisa

In my opinion too much text , if i were you i have been years and years sending e-mail , the first thing you must do it is just catch the interest of your potential audience , one - four pictures more , ( but of course a goos link to a blog or a website


that´s all


best regards 

Nor sure if you realize that original post is 4 years old.  :wink:


Hi, I think your newletter is colorful and I like the pictures-really beautiful. Also, the "how-to" tips could come in really handy. I like the gold color on the sidelines, but am wondering if you put any text in there normally. That would look great. It's attractive, your newsletter!


Sandy Guderyon