Please critique my newsletter

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Please critique my newsletter


Hi @KeswickGolfClub

Wow, great content! I appreciate the logo in the upper left, this is a good place for this so people know who the email is from right away! I also really like how you've made the entire newsletter represent the holiday season!


Few suggestions-


First, the email is a bit long. Could you try moving some of the content into the left panel to make them more even? Another idea to help with this would be to include a Table of Contents with links to all your blocks of content so someone can click on what they want to read first. 


I might try toning down the red or adding a border to help break up the content. A little bit of a darker color would help the white text not seem so bright. I love that you've tied in the "gold" from the image to your text. There are a couple of links in this color that are a different shade, it might be helpful to make them consistent. I've implemented some of these suggestions in a copy of your Dec email so you can take a look. Check out "CC Upcoming Events at Keswick Golf Club- December 3 Edition". Feel free to use or copy any of these ideas from there. 


Do you have a website? I would highly suggest making all this content link back to there! 

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Thank you so much. I really like your input and ideas and definetely will use your concepts. I've been working on ways to make the newsletter shorter and your ideas will definetely help me get there.


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While it may feel like highlighting individual paragraphs in the text will bring attention to them, the newsletter is really too bright and distracting.  Keep the colored left margin and change the text to a single, quieter, color.