Please critique my nonprofit newsletter


Please critique my nonprofit newsletter

I recently revised our old newsletter format. This is my new version. Please critique and advise how I can improve. As it is a new version, and not fully executed yet, some of the links aren't real links, since we have not created the content yet. The mission was to move away from simple updates and to try to engage our readers with more interesting content than simply talking about what we've done each month.


Thanks!    Here it is:


Hello @JenniferF11


I like this layout of your campaign, and it sounds like a great concept to try to add more interesting content to engage with your audience.  Here are a few things to think about: 


  • I took a look at the website that is linked to within one of the articles.  The colors are a little different than what is within your campaign.  You could match your campaign to your website to have the same look. I do like how you have taken the orange and incorporated it into the campaign though.  
  • To go with the matching look you might want to edit the colors of the links so they are not the standard blue and go with your campaign colors a little more.  
  • Adding buttons to your various call to action links throughout your campaign might help attract clicks as well. For example, a Read More button or a Donate Today/Donate Now button. 
Occasional Participant

Hello Jennifer,


The text in your header goes right up to the edge of the white bounding box, it looks a little funny, also, the orange is a little hard to read. Orange is very loud, it's a little distracting from the text, in my opinion. Also, It may be distorting the colors in your photo's a little.

Regular Participant

Have a tag line at the top, reminding or introducing what you do?

You could have a picture of yourself doing yoga for the first story.

Or you could put your headshot on the left, so you're leaning into the text.

It's a LOT of content. Could you break it into shorter emails? 

Use sans serif type.

Could you summarize one benefit of your NPO in the headings?

Does it work well on mobile devices?

Do you want donations? Offer a donate $25 button and another donate button?