Please give me feedback

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Please give me feedback

I feel like I need some new ideas and constructive criticism on my e-mail blasts. I send them once a weak and feel I have been very repetative.


Thank You!


Hi @JodiC7 

Wow, this is full of great information! It seems like you have a nice amount of content, just enough to fill the email but not too much so I am overwhelmed. I like the colors you are using and the amount of photos you have included.


The first thing I notice in this email is that your left column is being stretched out by your social media buttons. Do you want these to show on top of each other? Also, you have three Facebook icons and three Twitter icons, I think you could get away with just one of each.  I like that you've included text with the buttons, it's nice to know who I would be connecting with if I clicked those!


You've got great links in your Quicklinks block! Have you considered making all of your images clickable links? This will help drive traffic to articles or your site. One recommendation, try to make your text all the same size and color. This helps the reader scan though the email to see what is there before sitting down to read it. Having the headers the same size and/or color will allow each article to pop out on it's own. Lastly, the blue on the left might be a little bright for some readers. Think about using some of the colors from your logo! The dark teal color will look nice with the white backgrounds.


If you need help with any of these changes please just let us know!

Hannah M.
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Well if you are being "repetitive," it means you are regularly communicating with your community. Good for you!




1. I personally no longer find the need to use the "In this Issue" table of contents. Whereas that had a place several years ago, today's mobile emails should be shorter and to the point. Therefore, they usually don't require a Table of Contents.


2. I personally would like to see a little more uniformity. That would give your email a cleaner, up-to-date look. You have several different sizes of fonts, different size logos, and no headlines. Perhaps adding headlines in the same color/font and standardizing photo sizes might streamline the look?


3. You may not need to use as many "click here" calls to action. For example, instead of "Click here to Register," perhaps consider just "Register Here" as a link. If you streamlined all your calls to action that way (perhaps adding more white space around them), it would display better on mobile phones too.


If we can be of any more help, please let us know. 


Happy Marketing!



Maureen Dudley
Dudley & Nunez Communications
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